M.ZORO Consulting

There is a better way. Let us help you find it.

M.ZORO provides consulting services for new business and product development. We realize that innovation is a mind-set, not something that happens sporadically. Each stage from interaction with the customer to translation to design needs, testing, and transfer to manufacturing is important to achieve the desired outcome. We combine the How (People, Processes, and Tools) to create the What (deliverables, products, features) to achieve the competitive advantage for our clients.

We help clients with:

  • Ideation
  • House of Quality (HOQ/QFD)
  • Requirements and Performance Management
  • DFSS
  • Pre-clinical Experimentation


Developing the right new product or feature(s) can be difficult. We enlist several strategies such as identifying unmet needs, customer research, modality diagrams, KJ Analysis, and down select methods to determine the best new product or next generation concepts.


We provide facilitation, training, and implementation for HOQ/QFD – a powerful to translate customer needs to prioritized Product Requirements for project scoping.

Requirements and Performance Management

Translating requirements from the customer through design, risk, validation, and launch is critical to deliver the right products, meet time to market, avoid compliance issues and ensure quality and performance. We can help you define and implement a requirements and performance management strategy to improve efficiency, provide traceability, transform data into knowledge, and deliver the products that customers want.


Experts in training, facilitating, and implementing DFSS methodologies and tools such as root cause analysis, cause and effect diagrams, power calculations, t-tests, test method characterization, House of Quality, functional trees, Pugh concept select and Design of Experiments (DOE).

Pre-clinical Experimentation

Good experimental techniques are critical to obtain safety and efficacy data from pre-clinical models. Many of these methods such as DOE were originally utilized in biological systems. At m.zoro we utilize our experience to design and analyze experiments for get the data you need to support your product launch.